Déjà vu: the loss of institutional memory in Canberra and implications for governance – panel discussion with Terry Moran, Laura Tingle and Fred Chaney –  December 2016, Sydney.

CPD-FBC Business Roundtable on Directors’ Duties, Climate Risk and Sustainability – October 2016, Melbourne.

Responding to North Korea: in conversation with the Hon Michael Kirby and the Hon Gareth Evans – October 2016, Melbourne.

Third Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration – September 2016, Kuala Lumpur.  

Cross-continental roundtable on settlement services for refugees – with the Centre for Public Impact – August 2016, Melbourne.

The view from 2030: getting the budget right for the long term, roundtable with Peter Whiteford, Greg Smith and Janine Dixon – May 2016, Melbourne.

Democracy and disillusionment in a digital era: roundtable series with Simon Lewis, – February 2016, Sydney and Melbourne.

Second Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration – January 2016, Bangkok.


COP 21 and beyond: roundtable with Ross Garnaut, Robyn Eckersley and Fergus Green – October 2015, Melbourne.

First Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration – August 2015, Melbourne.

CPD-EY roundtable on agricultural sustainability – August 2015, Canberra.

The longest conflict: launch and panel discussion with Neil Morrisetti and Chris Barrie – June 2015, Melbourne.

High-level roundtable on government service delivery – March 2015, Melbourne.