Our values & approach



We are not an academic research unit, a lobby group, a campaign body, or affiliated with any political party. We’re an independent, non-partisan and evidence-based policy institute. We’re open about our values and funders, and dedicated to bringing constructive policy thinkers together into innovative alliances.


Policy development is not about short-term populism – it is about choices that strategically advance Australia and avoid complacency.


The CPD community is our most valuable resource, and our best ideas are a product of collaboration. We want to combine the best domestic and international ideas and insights and help build the dynamic, progressive policy agenda Australia needs to thrive in the long term.


Australia faces increasingly complex challenges for which there is often no ‘right’ answer, whether it is climate change, long-term fiscal pressures or entrenched socio-economic disadvantage. We engage with a range of voices and decision-makers, encouraging cross-sectoral debate and collaboration. We’re committed to evidence, integrity, transparency and practical policy solutions – wherever they come from.


Our board, research committee, staff and fellows have been deliberately chosen for their diverse backgrounds. There are academics, authors, economists, former advisors and bureaucrats, lawyers, business people, commentators and advocates.




We do not just criticise current policies: we put forward practical solutions that can outlast political cycles and enhance the wellbeing of current and future generations.

Our values commit us to:

a society that expands opportunity and social justice;

an economy that is clean, innovative and productive;

a government that is active and effective; and

a country that is respected for its leadership and cooperation.


CPD’s core model is threefold: to create, connect, and convince


We create viable ideas from rigorous, cross-disciplinary research at home and abroad.

We connect experts and stakeholders to develop these ideas into practical policy proposals.

We work to convince government, business and civil society of the merits of implementing these proposals.