Our Story


Two people. One vision.

In 2007, John Menadue and Miriam Lyons founded The Centre for Policy Development (CPD), as an independent, non-profit think tank devoted to developing ideas for positive change and challenging the critics of current Government policies to propose viable alternatives.

While New Matilda readers will find a lot that’s familiar about the new CPD site, you’ll also notice some changes. CPD will hold on to what’s best about the ‘online think tank’ model, with a strong focus on reader feedback and involvement. But it will also put more emphasis on engagement in wider public debate, and on moving its ideas offline with events and print publications. New Matilda‘s founder, John Menadue, will be CPD Chair and Policy Coordinator Miriam Lyons will be Director.

Starting with a staff of XX based in YY, CPD grew into a think tank with two offices in Melbourne and Sydney and a team of ZX fellows/… providing insights into ZZZ. CPD’s original focus was on: bla bla bla. Since then, we have broadened our expertise to da da da. Much has changed as CPD has expanded, but XYZ has not.


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We are committed to helping policy shapers understand and navigate this changing political landscape and to make better-informed decisions for an uncertain future.


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